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Save the Bees Collection

Save the Bees Collection


Save the Bees Collection was designed to raise awareness to help our little precious friends to survive. And we owe them much more than that.

They work hard to pollinate our crops to grow. If crops don’t get pollinated they simply won’t grow and therefore we won’t have food. And not only that – our planet Earth will start dying.

Be responsible for the good of all of us, for our children, grandchildren, and all future generations.

Let’s save the bees to save the Earth.


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This unique design was applied to 41 different products. You can pick a simple t-shirt, hoodie, phone case, laptop sleeves, or various home decor items.

One of my favorites is the acrylic block that perfectly presents a bee pollinating flowers.



  • Free-standing clear block adds an eye-catching pop to desks, tables, and shelves


  • Vibrant back-mounted photo print made just for you when you order


  • 1″ (2.5 cm) thick solid acrylic block


  • Diamond-cut sides provide a sharp image from any angle
  • Hand polished for a crystal clear finish
  • Available in 4×4″ (10×10 cm) and 6×6″ (15×15 cm)






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